Saturday, August 29, 2015


OK, so here I am...11:30pm and I'm a little tired. I haven't blogged much lately. However, tonight I just felt like it. I'm taking 3 classes this semester, so I'm not promising a ton of posts, but I will try. Work, school, family, and life in general is keeping me pretty busy.

One of the classes I'm taking is a Physical Education class - yes I take online classes and yes I am actually doing the required exercising, no I'm not just saying I'm doing it.

Today was the 1st actual day, and the last day I had to turn in my "pre-test". Basically, I had a routine I had to complete and then list all my results. At the end of the semester, we "post-test" (same routine) and see how we have improved.

So, part of it was running 12 miles, a minute of push-ups, a minute of crunches, and a 90 sec wall squat (basically sitting against the wall like a chair for 90 sec). Let me first say, that other than swimming - I have not exercised like that in FOREVER!! My husband kept me very accountable by the way. Of course, when he saw the list and I said "I can run for 12 mins, no big deal. Easy peasy." "90 sec squats --- pfft no's 90 secs."

OH MY GOODNESS --- started running and began being chased by a pit bull (still a pup and friendly)tried to get him to run with me but his owner was calling him home. I thought I was going to die!! And that wall squat --- don't wish anyone that pain at 30secs left! My husband was very supportive, "You got this, half way done, 10 secs --- that's nothing." Crunches, I had those --- push-ups I thought my arms were soooo much stronger (and FYI no girly ones for me).

But you know what, I did it and it felt GOOD. In my head, I think I'm still in my 20's --- today's workout was a harsh reminder that I wasn't. I can't wait for more.

So, tonight I leave you with this ---

Goodnight Blog Readers.

Don't forget to try,