Tuesday, February 3, 2015

This Love

I've had a lot going on recently. I keep promising updates - but it's a little much sometimes. I've rarely taken time to just be me. I've felt like I'm losing the reality of who I am and instead replaced it with who I need to be for everyone else, always in the "what do I need to run and do/get done next....go, go, go"! For instance, I love music so much. I could sit for hours and just sink into the songs I was listening to. For fun, I'd blast it as loud as possible and just dance around. I haven't done that in forever!

So, tonight in this hotel I'm assigned to for my last leg of training, that's exactly what I'm doing. Whole albums - straight through!! Earbuds in mind you, b/c if not I'd have to endure alien video game sounds from my husband's favorite hobby. :) Tonight, sitting here listening to "this sick beat"*, I'm ALMOST moved to tears at how good this feels and how long I've needed this. It's the little things people!

Do not ever forget to dance and sing like nobody is watching!! Do you!! Life is WAY to short.


*P.S - YES as I write this I'm listening to Taylor Swift's 1989.